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§ 134.235. Return to Work/Evaluation of Medical Care

The following shall apply to return to work (RTW)/evaluation of medical care (EMC) examinations. When conducting a division or insurance carrier requested RTW/EMC examination, the examining doctor shall bill and be reimbursed using CPT code 99456 with modifier “RE.” In either instance of whether maximum medical improvement/ impairment rating (MMI/IR) is performed or not, the reimbursement shall be $500 in accordance with §134.240 of this title and shall include division-required reports. Testing that is required shall be billed using the appropriate CPT codes and reimbursed in addition to the examination fee.

The provisions of this §134.235 adopted to be July 7, 2016, 41 TexReg 4839.

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§ 134.235. Return to Work/Evaluation of Medical Care


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