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§ 142.8. Summary Procedures

(a) In order to expedite the presentation of a case, the administrative law judge may allow summary procedures, including, but not limited to, the use of:

(1) sworn witness statements;

(2) summaries of evidence;

(3) medical reports;

(4) agreements; and

(5) stipulations.

(b) The administrative law judge may allow the use of summary procedures:

(1) on its own motion; or

(2) at the request of a party.

(c) A party may request the use of summary procedures in any manner and at any time before the hearing.

The provisions of this §142.8 adopted to be effective February 12, 1991, 16 TexReg 463; amended to be effective January 7, 2019, 44 TexReg 108.

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§ 142.8. Summary Procedures


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