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§ 69.10. Definitions

The following words and terms, when used in this chapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

(1) Carrier’s prior choice of health care provider–A health care provider who has examined the claimant in regard to the injury in question as provided in Texas Civil Statutes, Article 8307, § 4, because:

(A) the board ordered the claimant to be examined by a health care provider of the carrier’s choice; or

(B) the claimant granted permission for an examination by a carrier’s tendered choice of a health care provider.

(2) Health care provider–A physician, chiropractor, or podiatrist.

(3) 180-day period–The elapse of 180 days after an examination conducted by the carrier’s choice of health care provider.

The provisions of this § 69.10 adopted to be effective February 19, 1988, 13 TexReg 617.

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§ 69.10. Definitions


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