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Part 28. Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation

Old Law Rules

Injury dates prior to January 1, 1991.

Chapter 41. Practice and Procedure

Subchapter A. Communications

Subchapter B. Access to Board Records - [Repealed]

Chapter 42. Medical Benefits

Subchapter A. General Medical Provisions

Subchapter B. Medical Cost Evaluation

Subchapter D. Dispute Resolution

Chapter 43. Insurance Coverage

Chapter 45. Employer’s Report of Injury or Disease

Chapter 47. Employee Notice of Injury or Death and Claim for Benefits

Chapter 49. Procedures for Formal Hearings by the Board

Subchapter A. Formal Hearings

Subchapter B. Special Formal and Other Investigative Hearings

Chapter 51. Award of the Board

Chapter 53. Carrier’s Report of Initiation and Suspension of Compensation Payments

Chapter 55. Lump Sum Payments

Chapter 56. Structured Compromise Settlement Agreements

Chapter 57. Request for Case Folders and Certifications of Actions of the Board - [Repealed]

Chapter 59. Notices of Intention to Appeal

Chapter 61. Prehearing Conferences

Chapter 63. Promptness of First Payment

Chapter 64. Representing Claimants Before the Board

Chapter 65. Unethical or Fraudulent Claims Practices

Chapter 67. Allegations of Fraud

Chapter 69. Medical Examination Orders

Chapter 89. Crime Victims Compensation Act - [Repealed]

New Law Rules

Injury dates on or after January 1, 1991.

Chapter 102. Practices and Procedures—General Provisions

Chapter 103. Agency Administration - [Repealed]

Subchapter A. Employee Training and Education Program - [Repealed]

Subchapter B. Agency Contracts - [Repealed]

Subchapter C. Resolution of Contract Claims - [Repealed]

Subchapter D. Facilities and Property Management - [Repealed]

Chapter 104. General Provisions—Rule-Making

Chapter 108. Fees - [Repealed]

Chapter 109. Workers’ Compensation Coverage for State Employees

Chapter 110. Required Notices of Coverage

Subchapter A. Carrier Notices

Subchapter B. Employer Notices

Chapter 112. Scope of Liability for Compensation

Subchapter B. Application to General Contractor/Subcontractor and Motor Carrier/Owner Operator

Subchapter C. Application to Certain Building and Construction Workers

Subchapter D. Application to Farm or Ranch Employees

Subchapter E. Professional Athletes Election of Coverage

Chapter 114. Self-Insurance

Chapter 116. General Provisions—Subsequent Injury Fund

Chapter 120. Compensation Procedure—Employers

Chapter 122. Compensation Procedure—Claimants

Subchapter A. Claims Procedure for Injured Employees

Subchapter B. Claims Procedure for Beneficiaries of Injured Employees

Chapter 124. Carriers: Required Notices and Mode of Payment

Chapter 126. General Provisions Applicable to All Benefits

Chapter 127. Designated Doctor Procedures and Requirements

Subchapter A. Designated Doctor Scheduling and Examinations

Subchapter B. Designated Doctor Certification, Recertification, and Qualifications

Subchapter C. Designated Doctor Duties and Responsibilities

Chapter 128. Benefits—Calculation of Average Weekly Wage

Chapter 129. Income Benefits—Temporary Income Benefits

Chapter 130. Impairment and Supplemental Income Benefits

Subchapter A. Impairment Income Benefits

Subchapter B. Supplemental Income Benefits

Chapter 131. Benefits—Lifetime Income Benefits

Chapter 132. Death Benefits—Death and Burial Benefits

Chapter 133. General Medical Provisions

Subchapter A. General Rules for Medical Billing and Processing

Subchapter B. Health Care Provider Billing Procedures

Subchapter C. Medical Bill Processing/Audit by Insurance Carrier

Subchapter D. Dispute of Medical Bills

Subchapter G. Electronic Medical Billing, Reimbursement, and Documentation

Chapter 134. Benefits—Guidelines for Medical Services, Charges, and Payments

Subchapter A. Medical Reimbursement Policies

Subchapter B. Miscellaneous Reimbursement

Subchapter C. Medical Fee Guidelines

Subchapter E. Health Facility Fees

Subchapter F. Pharmaceutical Benefits

Subchapter G. Prospective and Concurrent Review of Health Care

Subchapter I. Medical Bill Reporting

Subchapter J. Reviews and Audits

Chapter 136. Benefits—Vocational Rehabilitation

Chapter 137. Disability Management

Subchapter A. General Provisions

Subchapter B. Return to Work

Subchapter C. Treatment Guidelines

Chapter 140. Dispute Resolution—General Provisions

Chapter 141. Dispute Resolution—Benefit Review Conference

Chapter 142. Dispute Resolution—Benefit Contested Case Hearing

Chapter 143. Dispute Resolution Review by the Appeals Panel

Chapter 144. Dispute Resolution

Subchapter A. Arbitration

Chapter 147. Dispute Resolution—Agreements, Settlements, Commutations

Chapter 148. Hearings Conducted by the State Office of Administrative Hearings

Chapter 149. Memorandum of Understanding with the State Office of Administrative Hearings - [Repealed]

Chapter 150. Representation of Parties Before the Agency—Qualifications for Representatives

Chapter 152. Attorney Fees

Chapter 156. Representation of Parties Before the Agency—Carrier’s Austin Representative

Chapter 160. Reports of Injury and Occupational Disease—General Provisions

Chapter 165. Rejected Risk: Injury Prevention Services

Chapter 166. Accident Prevention Services

Chapter 167. Emergency Rules

Subchapter A. COVID-19 Emergency Rules

Chapter 180. Monitoring and Enforcement

Subchapter A. General Rules for Enforcement

Subchapter B. Medical Benefit Regulation

Subchapter C. Medical Quality Review Panel